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Presima is a Boutique Investment Manager focused on real estate securities, backed by the resources of a solid financial institution

With over 20 years of management experience in the asset class, the firm has developed extensive knowledge and expertise within the sphere of global real estate securities. With its team of qualified professionals headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Presima is able to offer specialized investment products tailored to meet the needs of its institutional clientele. Furthermore, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MLC Asset Management, Presima is able to access financial and intellectual capital, giving us further strength and flexibility to meeting our clients’ needs.

Research driven, systematic process and global outlook

Presima follows a systematic research-driven investment process. Its portfolio management team seeks to identify high quality undervalued investment opportunities within the global listed real estate market through extensive fundamental bottom-up research of the investment universe. Our broad coverage of the real estate securities’ investment universe includes regional research for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Emerging Markets.

Centralized & team-based investment approach

Our portfolio management is based in a single office in Montreal, Canada and our investment approach is driven by best ideas and convictions. Having the investment team within one location enables all team members to share ideas and expertise, to communicate on a continuous basis and compare investment opportunities on a global basis. We believe this flow of information provides an efficient way of allocating capital towards the best investment ideas in different market environments.