Governance: Sound direction, compliance and risk management

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Board of Directors provides the required strategic oversight

Presima’s Board of Directors ensures the firm is managed in keeping with our internal guidelines and executes our business plan to meet the expectations of our clients and our ownership (MLC Asset Management).

The Board examines and approves Presima’s policies and strategic decisions. It oversees the delegation of responsibilities and reviews operational activities and internal management reports.

The Board of Directors is comprised of seasoned professionals with complementary skills and experience.

  • David MacGregor - Independent Non Executive Director and Chairman of the Board
  • Jill Rikard-Bell - Equity Partnerships, MLC Asset Management

Compliance & Code of Ethics, in keeping with industry best practices

Presima has developed a compliance framework, in-line with industry best practices, and maintains a rigorous set of internal policies and procedures. Within this structure, Presima’s Accounting, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARC Committee) supervises compliance and risk management.

Presima has developed and follows our own code of ethics, which is extensive and in accordance with industry best practices. All this reflects our institutional heritage.


Risk Management is integral to Presima's business and investment models

Presima has a risk management working group which has the responsibility to oversee and implement industry best practices in terms of the risk management process. In addition to the risk management working group, Presima has dedicated resources assigned to researching and monitoring market risk variables inherent to our activities. Quantitative analysis is used by both the portfolio management team as a decision-making tool, and by the risk management working group to perform its functions.