Investment process: Systematic and disciplined

Fundamental bottom-up research drives Presima’s five-phase investment process

From the global universe of 2,000 listed real estate securities, we maintain up-to-date investment models on the 225 to 250 securities which meet the investment criteria for each of our investment strategies.

From those models, we select 30 to 40 securities for our Concentrated Strategy, and 60 to 70 securities for our Enhanced Yield Strategy. Security selection is the result of our systematic and disciplined five-phase process.

The same approach applies to researching a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) or a REOC (Real Estate Operating Company).  The focus is on assessing the potential for income and for growth from each security.


One world, One team: nearly 500 company meetings a year

Our investment professionals conduct, on average, nearly 500 company meetings a year.

This underlines the value we place on the firsthand insights that can only be gained by meeting management face-to-face, or touring a property in person.  To this end we have a broad network of contacts, worldwide.